Plastic Lady rules cosplay at the London Comic Con

I’m a little late sharing this photo from Plasti-fan Claudia Jevons, but it’s never too late for some Plastic Man cosplay! And, man, do I love this “Plastic Lady” version she cooked up for the MCM London Comic Con a couple of weeks ago.


The attention to detail is great, and I like the updated version of the classic Plastic Man haircut Claudia’s rocking here and the way it contrasts with the Golden Age-style skirt and shoes. It’s easier to see in her other pictures, but I also dig the stabby wedge she’s using to show off Plas’ shape-changing power. You can see more photos of Claudia’s Plastic Lady on her Twitter account, and be sure to check out the very cool 3D view of her  costume taken at the con.

I’m glad to see Plastic Man has fans in the United Kingdom! If it’s anything like France and its appreciation for Jerry Lewis, I’m moving to London.

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