Plastic Man shows up in the Bendy City!

The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo wrapped up this past weekend, and it upset me for two reasons: First, I’ve never been to what I hear is a great con in one of my favorite cities, and secondly, I was missing a chance to see Luke Daab.

Daab is an exceptionally talented guy, knocking it out as an illustrator and designer, a singer and songwriter, and even a puppeteer, and he had his work on display at this year’s C2E2 for his first Artist Alley appearance. If you’ve ever been to a comic con, you know that sometimes the best way to see something special is to stay put and wait for it to walk by, and this was certainly the case for Daab. In between talking to customers and fellow pros, he also shared periodic C2E2 updates on his Twitter and Facebook accounts, and who do you think should make an appearance?


Aw, yeah! He may not be as commonplace as Superman or Batman (or Harley Quinn, for that matter), but Plastic Man still shows up here and there and usually right around the time you realize you haven’t seen him in a while (just like in the comics!). This particular Plas is great, not just for the arm-bending contortions, but also for that grinning mug! Look at that guy – he looks like he was designed by JLA-era Doug Mahnke!

Big thanks to Luke Daab for passing along this photo! Go see more of his work at his site, Daab Creative and then follow him on Tumblr!

It’s Plastic Man is NOT on hiatus

As you may have noticed, there haven’t been any new posts here at It’s Plastic Man for a while, and regular posting was becoming suspiciously irregular before that. I’ve mentioned it in passing, but I realized I never actually said it here, so I want it to be clear: It’s Plastic Man is not on hiatus, and it is certainly not abandoned, dying or  – eeyow! – dead.

Let me pull the curtain back for a sec. I make a living as a freelance copy editor and writer, and occasionally I take on more long-term work as a contractor. Which is what I’m doing right now, as a copy editor with a state agency that works closely with the state legislature. I’m not going to bore you more than I already am; the upshot is that at the moment my job is basically a blur of 10-to-12 hour days, six days a week, and that’s been the case for the last three weeks or so.

Guys, when I get home I’m tired.

But! The current workload should only be like this for the next couple of weeks, and then drop off pretty dramatically after that. Once that happens, I’ll be able to start posting on a regular basis again – hooray! And even before then, we’ll be looking at the release of Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters #1 next week, and you can bet I’ll have something to say about that.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience and be sure to stick around – like the always-adaptable Plastic Man himself, you can’t keep this site down for long!


It’s Woozy Wednesday! Let’s give him a hand!


When Woozy Winks made his first appearance in Police Comics #13, he already shared something in common with Plastic Man: When fate (or in this case, a wizard with less than stellar swimming skills) gives him extraordinary powers, he’s faced with the choice of whether to use his new abilities for good or evil.

One flip of the coin later and Woozy is a one-man crime spree, stealing and destroying precious sculptures while protected from the long arm of Plastic Man by nature itself! Of course, Woozy partners up with Plas by the end of this story, but in an interesting twist it’s mostly because he’s got a score to settle with Eel O’Brian. (We’ll take a longer look at the whole story in a future review. Naturally, it’s crazy. There’s a trained panther.)

Before any of that happens, though, I’d like to point out that Woozy is TOTALLY GOING TO CUT THAT GUY’S ARM OFF.

panel from Police Comics #13

writer/artist: Jack Cole

It’s Woozy Wednesday! And it’s time for ice cream!


It’s pretty obvious Woozy has got this whole life thing figured out.

Panel from Plastic Man #29 (vol. 1)

writer/artist: uncredited (Jack Cole)