Le Gallerie Plastique (with bonus cosplay!): Kempo Cornelius

Every now and then someone will send a message my way — sometimes to share tips about latest appearances, or to talk about a particular Plastic Man story, most often to just say they’re fans of Plas, too.

But, once in a while, I’ll hear from somebody who is super-enthusiastic, somebody who loves Plas with such depth that it almost makes me feel like an imposter.

That somebody is Kempo Cornelius.

To be honest, Kempo is enthusiastic about a lot of things, but her devotion to Plastic Man can’t be denied. I give you Exhibit A — a really dynamic illustration of Plas making what looks like a dashing exit. (Has Plas gone back to his Eel-like ways? I’d like to think he’s just snatching it from some would-be crooks.)


What most impresses me about this drawing is the way every inch of the character has a sense of being in motion. Many artists will show Plas stretching, but a lot of times it’s limited to his limbs, or a particular shape-change. This, on the other hand, reflects Plastic Man’s personality by putting his entire body on the move, from the bend in his toes to the twist in his chest. It’s one of those images I like the more I look at it.

A well-thought-out illustration would be one thing, but Kempo’s cosplay is on point, too. Exhibit B:


I’m always a fan of good Plastic Man cosplay, and I think Kempo pretty much nails it. (I won’t even quibble about the belt. Because what sort of nerd would even bring something like that up?! Er …)

If you’d like to see more of Kempo Cornelius’ work — including her original comic, FU! — head over to her comics site, and then check out her Facebook page.

Plastic Lady rules cosplay at the London Comic Con

I’m a little late sharing this photo from Plasti-fan Claudia Jevons, but it’s never too late for some Plastic Man cosplay! And, man, do I love this “Plastic Lady” version she cooked up for the MCM London Comic Con a couple of weeks ago.


The attention to detail is great, and I like the updated version of the classic Plastic Man haircut Claudia’s rocking here and the way it contrasts with the Golden Age-style skirt and shoes. It’s easier to see in her other pictures, but I also dig the stabby wedge she’s using to show off Plas’ shape-changing power. You can see more photos of Claudia’s Plastic Lady on her Twitter account, and be sure to check out the very cool 3D view of her  costume taken at the con.

I’m glad to see Plastic Man has fans in the United Kingdom! If it’s anything like France and its appreciation for Jerry Lewis, I’m moving to London.

Plastic Man shows up in the Bendy City!

The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo wrapped up this past weekend, and it upset me for two reasons: First, I’ve never been to what I hear is a great con in one of my favorite cities, and secondly, I was missing a chance to see Luke Daab.

Daab is an exceptionally talented guy, knocking it out as an illustrator and designer, a singer and songwriter, and even a puppeteer, and he had his work on display at this year’s C2E2 for his first Artist Alley appearance. If you’ve ever been to a comic con, you know that sometimes the best way to see something special is to stay put and wait for it to walk by, and this was certainly the case for Daab. In between talking to customers and fellow pros, he also shared periodic C2E2 updates on his Twitter and Facebook accounts, and who do you think should make an appearance?


Aw, yeah! He may not be as commonplace as Superman or Batman (or Harley Quinn, for that matter), but Plastic Man still shows up here and there and usually right around the time you realize you haven’t seen him in a while (just like in the comics!). This particular Plas is great, not just for the arm-bending contortions, but also for that grinning mug! Look at that guy – he looks like he was designed by JLA-era Doug Mahnke!

Big thanks to Luke Daab for passing along this photo! Go see more of his work at his site, Daab Creative and then follow him on Tumblr!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and who better to spend it with than Eel O’Brian?

Plastic Man puts in a great appearance in this video from Nerdist, along with Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Power Girl, Supergirl, a put-upon Martian Manhunter and the best drunken Superman since Superman III. Seriously, I could sit and listen to that Kryptonian all day. And keep an eye out for a lurking Green Arrow!

I don’t know who the actor playing Plastic Man is, but I really love the way he seems to get the mischievous charm of Plas while simultaneously channeling a little bit of Mark Taylor’s live-action cartoon-hour host. In other words, it’s kinda perfect. (And the goggles. My god, the goggles!)

It’s plastic and it’s fantastic — check it out!


Hey, guess who I ran into at the Wizard World-Austin Comic-Con!

(For the record, when I asked for his name he said, “Cole.” Amazing coincidence or clever shout-out? U-decide!)