It’s Le Gallerie Plastique et Woozy!

Is that even French? I honestly don’t know, but today we’ve got a sorta “Woozy Wednesday” and “Where’s Plas?” mash-up courtesy of this piece by Bill Alger.


I like Alger’s simple, but expressive, lines, and a person could drive themselves crazy trying to follow that crazy-complicated path that Plastic Man has taken. Speaking of which, look at the great job Alger did on the shading and coloring to differentiate the building’s interior from the scene outside! For what looks at first glance like a basic, cartoony image, there’s a whole lot going on here.

Plus, cats!

For more of Bill Alger’s work (including a drawing of Plas helping potty train a kid – no, really), make sure to visit his website.

It’s Woozy Wednesday! Who’s got the aspirin?

Plastic Man v1 (4) (1946)_plastic man 04_33

panel from Plastic Man #4 (vol. 1)

writer/artist: Jack Cole

It’s Woozy Wednesday! Let’s give him a hand!


When Woozy Winks made his first appearance in Police Comics #13, he already shared something in common with Plastic Man: When fate (or in this case, a wizard with less than stellar swimming skills) gives him extraordinary powers, he’s faced with the choice of whether to use his new abilities for good or evil.

One flip of the coin later and Woozy is a one-man crime spree, stealing and destroying precious sculptures while protected from the long arm of Plastic Man by nature itself! Of course, Woozy partners up with Plas by the end of this story, but in an interesting twist it’s mostly because he’s got a score to settle with Eel O’Brian. (We’ll take a longer look at the whole story in a future review. Naturally, it’s crazy. There’s a trained panther.)

Before any of that happens, though, I’d like to point out that Woozy is TOTALLY GOING TO CUT THAT GUY’S ARM OFF.

panel from Police Comics #13

writer/artist: Jack Cole

It’s Woozy Wednesday! And it’s time for ice cream!


It’s pretty obvious Woozy has got this whole life thing figured out.

Panel from Plastic Man #29 (vol. 1)

writer/artist: uncredited (Jack Cole)

It’s (a sexy ) Woozy Wednesday!

I’ve mentioned before how I don’t think much of Plastic Man being portrayed as a lascivious lech, but for some reason when Woozy does it I find it hilarious. And really, that’s got to be one of the best pick-up lines in history.


You might as well forget The Detective right now, Talia – ain’t no way you’re going to resist that ol’ Winks charm.

from Plastic Man #19 (vol. 4)

Kyle Baker, writer/artist

It’s Woozy Wednesday!


Panel from Plastic Man #1 (vol. 1)

Jack Cole, writer/artist

It’s Woozy Wednesday!



Panel from JLA Presents: Plastic Man #1

Ty Templeton, writer; Dev Madan, penciller; Claude St. Aubin, inker

It’s Woozy Wednesday!


Panel from DC Comics Presents #39

Martin Pasko, writer; Joe Staton, artist; Bob Smith, inker