St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and who better to spend it with than Eel O’Brian?

Plastic Man puts in a great appearance in this video from Nerdist, along with Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Power Girl, Supergirl, a put-upon Martian Manhunter and the best drunken Superman since Superman III. Seriously, I could sit and listen to that Kryptonian all day. And keep an eye out for a lurking Green Arrow!

I don’t know who the actor playing Plastic Man is, but I really love the way he seems to get the mischievous charm of Plas while simultaneously channeling a little bit of Mark Taylor’s live-action cartoon-hour host. In other words, it’s kinda perfect. (And the goggles. My god, the goggles!)

It’s plastic and it’s fantastic — check it out!