13 Days of Plastoween: Plastic Man vs. the Vampire Next Door!


  • from Plastic Man #10 (vol. 4)
  • Kyle Baker, artist/writer

We’ve been waiting 75 years for this joke

Wait a minute! Plastic Man is 75 years old today?! But he looks great — sometimes even better than ever! How does he do it?



Hey, don’t look at me — blame Kyle Baker.

  • from Plastic Man #17 (vol. 4)
  • writer/artist, Kyle Baker

It’s (a sexy ) Woozy Wednesday!

I’ve mentioned before how I don’t think much of Plastic Man being portrayed as a lascivious lech, but for some reason when Woozy does it I find it hilarious. And really, that’s got to be one of the best pick-up lines in history.


You might as well forget The Detective right now, Talia – ain’t no way you’re going to resist that ol’ Winks charm.

from Plastic Man #19 (vol. 4)

Kyle Baker, writer/artist

It’s Woozy Wednesday!



Panel from JLA Presents: Plastic Man #1

Ty Templeton, writer; Dev Madan, penciller; Claude St. Aubin, inker

It’s a Woozy Christmas Eve!


It’s almost Christmas! And this year we’re getting the gift of Woozy, Mister Mxzptlk, and Impulse’s wondrous, impossibly luxurious hair.

Panel from Impulse #57

Todd Dezago, writer; Ethan Van Sciver, artist; Prentis Rollins, inker

It’s Woozy Wednesday!


It’s always interesting to see how different artists interpret “real life” versions of Woozy. Sometimes they even work better than the more cartoony depictions, especially since he almost always come across as crafty more than goofy. Personally, I like something that falls somewhere in between, something that can be used for the more serious stories without leaving Woozy looking out of place, but that still fits in when they want to get silly.

Panel from The Power of Shazam #21

Pete Krause, artist; Mike Manley, inker; Jerry Ordway, writer

It’s Woozy Wednesday!


Like lots of comic book scamps, the fourth wall means nothing to Woozy.

Panel from Plastic Man #4 (mini-series)
writer, Phil Foglio; artist, Hilary Barta; inker, John Nyberg