You never know where Plastic Man will pop up next

I’ve been falling behind on my posting (again), but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some Plastic wares to share! Let’s take a look:

First up is this completely amazing Plastic Man statue pointed out to me by NBI agent Charles Ward. (What’s that? There’s a difference between Plasti-fans and Agents of the NBI? Oh, yes, there is.) I honestly don’t know what the original poster was talking about when he called it “bizarre and nightmare-inducing” – this is a thing of beauty.


According to the author, the statue of Plas pulling off at least six simultaneous shape-changes is about three-and-a-half feet tall and was last seen taking up residence at an unnamed Milwaukee antiques store. According to our old buddy/nemesis Math, this picture was taken sometime in 2012, so it’s anybody’s guess whether it’s still there. But for my money, the $350 asking price is a bargain (and I’d bet you could talk it down to $300, at least).

Going by what little information there is, I’m guessing the artist is Randall Fisher, though a quick Google search turned up nada. Does anyone know the artist, or recognize the store itself? I now have a burning desire to track down this art for the ages.

Meanwhile … a short video produced by DC Entertainment recently went up over at Comic Book Resources that flashes through every member of the Justice League, from the team’s debut in 1960 to the present. And guess who finally shows up in 1998?

Honestly, I was surprised it had taken that long for Plastic Man to join the League – I’m guessing that chump Dibney was blocking his addition to the team from happening sooner, because it really seems like such a no-brainer. Thanks for nothin’, Elongated Man.

Here’s the video, with Plastic Man showing up at the 2:09 mark; feel free to argue about which characters were left out of this “complete” listing.

Charles Ward can be found on Facebook at his Plastic Man Fan Group page, and you can check out more from CBR at the website.

It’s Le Gallerie Plastique et Woozy!

Is that even French? I honestly don’t know, but today we’ve got a sorta “Woozy Wednesday” and “Where’s Plas?” mash-up courtesy of this piece by Bill Alger.


I like Alger’s simple, but expressive, lines, and a person could drive themselves crazy trying to follow that crazy-complicated path that Plastic Man has taken. Speaking of which, look at the great job Alger did on the shading and coloring to differentiate the building’s interior from the scene outside! For what looks at first glance like a basic, cartoony image, there’s a whole lot going on here.

Plus, cats!

For more of Bill Alger’s work (including a drawing of Plas helping potty train a kid – no, really), make sure to visit his website.

Le Gallerie Plastique: Sara Richard


That’s mucho Mucha, courtesy of Sara Richard – check out more of her work at her website!

Idle hands are the Plasti-fan’s workshop


As I said when I posted this on Instagram yesterday, this what happens when I have a Silly Putty egg and some office supplies (most notably, a yellow highlighter). I also found out later that the Plastic Man “belt” makes a nifty egg holder, so I’ll have to remember that in case I ever decide to have a superhero-themed hard-boiled egg party.

Those are a thing, right?

Le Gallerie Plastique: Mike Holmes


There’s a lot to like about this drawing of Plastic Man by Mike Holmes: I love the putty-like texture of the flesh (especially around that elongated neck), and the bicycle-shorts Holmes has given him are a much better update than that body-suit (with gloves!) they try to stick Plas into now and then. And of course, that Jerry Lewis-like expression is priceless.

Would it be weird to plaster a room with original Plastic Man art? ‘Cause, man, am I tempted.

Be sure to check out more of Mike Holmes’ work at his website!

Plastic Man and the Blonde Phantom — the world’s first super-couple


File this one under “Things I Wish Were Real.”

Ross Pearsall over at the Super-Team Family blog does a great job of doing exactly what he promises — providing fantastic covers for “the greatest team-ups that never happened … but should have!” Recently, Plastic Man was added to the list, paired up with fellow Golden Age hero the Blonde Phantom. I always liked Kyle Baker’s addition of Morgan as a steady love interest in the Plastic Man mythos, and the idea of putting him together with another strong, equally heroic female character really works for me. (Even though it looks as if the bombshell crime-fighter might’ve inspired Plas’ return to his old Eel O’Brian ways. Uh-oh.)

It’s a fun and inspired image; the only problem is I want to read this story, now!

Le Gallerie Plastique: Sen


I don’t know what happened, but it sure looks like Plas is giving Billy a good talking-to. Kids these days!

Le Gallerie Plastique: This is not a pipe (and neither is that)



Two things need to happen:

1. DC needs to bring Plastic Man to active duty in the Nu52, and

2. They need to hire Evan “Doc” Shaner to do the art.

Let’s do it, DC!