I’ve never been happier to run into The Melancholy Mr. Morbid

For being as big a fan of Plastic Man as I am, I have to admit that I’ve never seen an actual issue of Police Comics, much less held one myself. And I’ve certainly never owned an issue.

Until today.

On what is becoming an increasingly rare day off from work, I was doing what most people do with their spare time — digging through back issue comic bins. I was trying to resist my newfound interest in Ultraverse titles when I decided to see what was in the store’s “special” case.

And there it was — Police Comics #76. And for 10 bucks! From what I could tell, this original Golden Age issue from 1948 had seen some mileage, with a torn cover and rolled spine to show for it. It looked as if there was some water damage in the corner, too, and I started wondering if it was even worth the price they were asking. In any case, there was no way I was going to leave without at least holding it, so I asked to see it.

After an employee unlocked the cabinet for me, I carefully took the comic out of its sleeve and gently flipped through it. Yup, there was some water damage. The tearing on the cover was worse than it had looked. And a weird stain on the cover I hadn’t noticed before was suddenly noticeable. The comic was definitely showing its age.

And it was beautiful.

I asked the employee if the price was firm, and she said it usually was, but hey, she’d let me have it for … hmmm … seven. Police Comics #76 for $7.

I was so excited I could barely wait until I got to the car to take a picture.
I was so excited I could barely wait until I got to the car to take a picture.

I couldn’t believe it, and even now, sitting here at home with the issue sitting beside me, I’m having a hard time believing it. The best part? This issue also happens to feature a great Plastic Man story written and drawn by Jack Cole. So while I open this baby up, why don’t you join me in reading “The Melancholy Mr. Morbid,” the tale of a vengeful perfume maker who stirs up a scent so potent it drives anyone who sniffs it to suicide! Is even Plastic Man safe?

The art by Cole is fantastic, the body count is crazy, and there’s even a shock at the end. Read the complete story after the jump!

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Plastic Man, himself, is strange and unusual …

DC Comics released its latest batch of variant covers a few days ago, and they’re really some kind of wonderful.

Besides being a nerd for comics, I’m also a huge fan of movies — particularly the ones I grew up on — so the movie poster mash-ups the stable of artists came up with push all the right buttons for me. And man, what a stable of artists it is; Dave Johnson (who pulls off several great designs), Cliff Chiang, Bill Freakin’ Sienkiewicz, and several others, who created spot-on homages to movies including Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Purple Rain, North by Northwest, Enter the Dragon, Westworld, and many, many more.

All in all, great stuff, though I was a little disappointed that Plastic Man didn’t seem to rate an appearance. But a closer look, a few magic words (and the realization that the covers were spread over two entries at the DC website), and the pliable paladin appeared!


This is really a perfect use of Plastic Man and his shapeshifting ability. And who else in the JLA could you imagine dancing to calypso? This cover by Joe Quiñones does bring up a few questions, though: Could this hint at Plas’ return to the DCU? Could he be joining the Justice League, or even Justice League Dark (which would be weird). And poor Blue Beetle — Ted just can’t get a break, can he? (But that shark chewing on Aquaman’s leg is a pretty brilliant shout-out to its Beetlejuice inspiration.)

I haven’t been picking up Justice League Dark, but you can bet that I’ll be getting this issue when it’s released in March. If you’d like to see what else is planned for release during that variant cover month, go check ’em out both here and here.

Will this copy of Plastic Man #9 get another nibble on Ebay?



Somewhere in the frozen North, a wily Canadian was cleaning out his garage and saw a chance to turn garbage into cold, hard cash when he uncovered a beat-up copy of Plastic Man #9.

“Beat-up” might be generous. “Plague-ridden” is probably more accurate since this comic’s most defining characteristic is that it’s been gnawed on by rats. But if that’s not a deterrent to you hardcore collectors out there, this copy can still be had on Ebay for the next couple of weeks for the whopping price of $21.60 (rat not included). To be fair to the seller, he does make it very, very clear in his listing that the comic has been, and I quote, “chewed on by a rat.” And also, it’s “impossible to read.” In case you’re wondering, I’ve included a picture of what the cover is supposed to look like for comparison.

If anyone decides to buy this comic, for the love of God let me know.

h/t to Bleeding Cool