A brief break for Darwyn Cooke

From “Justice League: The New Frontier,” art based on Darwyn Cooke’s original designs.

I’m taking a brief break from celebrating Plastic Man’s 75th anniversary to send best wishes to Darwyn Cooke.

Earlier today, his family released the news that Cooke is dealing with an aggressive cancer and is now undergoing palliative care. Cooke is an exceptionally talented writer and artist, and I’ve enjoyed his work for years; I’ve also heard nothing but good things about him as a professional and as a person. There haven’t been any other details about his condition, but I’m crossing my fingers that there is some hope for recovery.

In the meantime, go to your shelf and pull out one of his books, or put your DVD of Justice League: The New Frontier into your player. And if you don’t have any of his work on hand, please consider buying some of his stuff — you won’t be sorry, and it will hopefully help Cooke and his family in their time of need.

Celebrate Plastic Man’s 75th anniversary with Comixology!

Guys. GUYS. I usually try to avoid shilling for any particular distributor or company, but Comixology (a service I actually both use and enjoy) just announced a weeklong sale in honor of Plastic Man’s 75th anniversary!


It’s a pretty good sale, offering 50 percent off a nice selection of comics hitting all the highlights from Plas’ long and storied history. Any of the comics listed would be a good choice (with a possible exception, your mileage may blah blah), but if you want to focus on one run in particular, I’d wholeheartedly recommend the Kyle Baker issues. And the entire 20-issue series is available, so get to it!

(You can’t go wrong with the Phil Foglio/Hilary Barta four-issue mini series, either. Or the Adventure Comics books. Or the original Golden Age stories by Plastic Man creator Jack Cole. Or … hell, get ’em all!)

Speaking of the Golden Age, it may be surprising to some that Plastic Man has been around long enough to celebrate a 75th anniversary. It’s always worth remembering that Plas hit the stands on May 14, 1941 (cover date August 1941), in Police Comics #1. This was only three years after Superman’s debut, but Plastic Man was already a wholly original creation, and a nearly instant hit for Quality Comics.

Since then, Plastic Man has enjoyed an almost constant presence, in comics, cartoons, figures, and various DC marketing efforts. Even when the character doesn’t have his own ongoing series or featured spot in a team book, he’s never too far away. The titles being offered by Comixology are a good way to see how Plas has developed over time, and why he remains a favorite of fans and creators alike.

The sale ends May 9, so don’t miss your chance to pick up some great Plastic Man titles!

It’s Plastic Man is NOT on hiatus

As you may have noticed, there haven’t been any new posts here at It’s Plastic Man for a while, and regular posting was becoming suspiciously irregular before that. I’ve mentioned it in passing, but I realized I never actually said it here, so I want it to be clear: It’s Plastic Man is not on hiatus, and it is certainly not abandoned, dying or  – eeyow! – dead.

Let me pull the curtain back for a sec. I make a living as a freelance copy editor and writer, and occasionally I take on more long-term work as a contractor. Which is what I’m doing right now, as a copy editor with a state agency that works closely with the state legislature. I’m not going to bore you more than I already am; the upshot is that at the moment my job is basically a blur of 10-to-12 hour days, six days a week, and that’s been the case for the last three weeks or so.

Guys, when I get home I’m tired.

But! The current workload should only be like this for the next couple of weeks, and then drop off pretty dramatically after that. Once that happens, I’ll be able to start posting on a regular basis again – hooray! And even before then, we’ll be looking at the release of Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters #1 next week, and you can bet I’ll have something to say about that.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience and be sure to stick around – like the always-adaptable Plastic Man himself, you can’t keep this site down for long!