Will Plastic Man Strike Again … again?

Comic Book Resources recently posted an article about the upcoming “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race,” which is frankly a comic I almost could not care less about. In spite of the presence of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Andy Kubert on the project, both of whom are creators I tend to like quite a bit, I’m pretty much done with original Dark Knight creator and Master Race collaborator Frank Miller. As it is, I only enjoy current Batman stories about half the time, so I’m pre-soured on the whole thing to the point of ambivalence.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that during the interview (you can read the spoiler-laden article at the website) Kubert and Azzarello were asked what characters could be expected to show up. Specifically mentioned as possibilities were Green Arrow, who played a major role in both the original The Dark Knight Returns and its follow-up, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, as well as Superman, Wonder Woman, and their daughter (and maybe more offspring?).

And then there was this from Azzarello:

But I thought you said in comic books, nobody is ever really dead.

Azzarello: Well, he [Martian Manhunter] got burned. [Laughs] And you know what? In “DKIII,” it does matter. But we’re going to hit the remaining, living members of the Justice League. The Atom is in it. We’ll be continuing the story of the characters you’ve seen before.

And that’s what caught my attention, because Batman’s longtime buddy Plastic Man was one of the heroes rescued from the clutches of Lex Luthor in DKII.


I can’t say the Miller version of Plas is one I particular care for, but it would be nice to see him in a comic again (especially coming so relatively soon after his appearance in Plastic Man and The Freedom Fighters). And hopefully Azzarello would keep him from being as over-the-top and out of character as Miller depicted him and everyone else in Strikes.

Unless they bring back Elongated Man (also featured in Strikes) and leave Plastic Man out altogether. That would be … oh, man. I’ll just let Plas sum it up.


You keep telling yourself that, Ralph … keep telling yourself that.


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