It’s Plastic Man on parade!

Honestly, I’m not showing off.

If anything, I want to point out the genuine generosity of people when I see it, especially when I’m the one on the receiving end of that generosity. It seems like such a rare thing sometimes that I want to jump on a table and point while shouting in a British accent, “See?! There! They do exist!! Harrumph harrumph.”

In this case I’m pointing my imaginary Meerschaum directly at Russell Burbage, who runs the Seigi No Nakama blog and writes and draws the original Friends of Justice series. Russell is also an active and longtime member of a community of bloggers and podcasters (originally centered around the Fire and Water Podcast) that’s made up of a great bunch of people who continually stun me with their support and enthusiasm for each other’s projects. Russell, of course, is a big part of that.

A couple of months ago (I meant to write this up a while back), Russell sent me a note out of the blue asking if I’d like the Super Powers Plastic Man figure. Not if I’d be interested in buying it, just if I wanted it. Give me your address, he said, and it’s yours.

He didn’t know it, but I had just been pining over that same figure in one my local comic book stores. I would have loved to buy it then, but it came with a budget-busting price tag. And now here was a guy I’d never really talked to before just offering it to me. Here. I think you’ll like this. It’s yours.

Thinking about it now, I’m stunned all over again.

The real surprise came a few weeks later, though, when the package arrived. Not only was the promised figure included, but there was also a card featuring the Plastic Man stamp design, another with the Super Powers bio, the Super Powers figure itself, and ANOTHER PLASTIC MAN FIGURE! Eeyow!

And this one was the DC Direct figure, complete with removable goggles and flippy-floppy rubber arms. If you just said to yourself, “Whoa! That’s awesome!” then we are in complete agreement. Again, this was generous beyond words — so here are some pictures!

Goggles on!
Goggles off!
Goggles off!

And finally …

The Super Powers figure (with super neck-stretching action)!
The Super Powers figure (with super neck-stretching action)!

OK, maybe I am showing off just a little. After all, how often does someone get to brag about what great pals they have? Thanks again, Russell!

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