Plastic Man always travels first class (postage)

Hey, you know who’s a cool dude? Luke muthalovin’ Daab.

Not only is he a great visual artist, he’s also a great songwriter and performer. I can only assume he’s a great puppeteer, because he does that, too, and he seems to have a talent for whatever he decides to do.

Needless to say, I hate him.

Ha ha! Obviously that part’s not true – I’m a big fan of Luke’s and you should be, too, because not only is he producing lots of cool stuff for our enjoyment, but he’s also just a decent and generous human being. Why else would I get an out-of-the-blue message from him one day telling me that he’s at the Mighty Con in Madison, Wisconsin, and hey, someone’s got the LEGO Plastic Man mini-fig for sale and do you want it?

And seemingly just like that, this happened.


See what I mean? Luke Daab is the coolest. So be sure to go find our newest NBI agent (I really should get cards made or something) and support him at his main site, on Tumblr and on Patreon.

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