It’s Woozy Wednesday! Let’s give him a hand!


When Woozy Winks made his first appearance in Police Comics #13, he already shared something in common with Plastic Man: When fate (or in this case, a wizard with less than stellar swimming skills) gives him extraordinary powers, he’s faced with the choice of whether to use his new abilities for good or evil.

One flip of the coin later and Woozy is a one-man crime spree, stealing and destroying precious sculptures while protected from the long arm of Plastic Man by nature itself! Of course, Woozy partners up with Plas by the end of this story, but in an interesting twist it’s mostly because he’s got a score to settle with Eel O’Brian. (We’ll take a longer look at the whole story in a future review. Naturally, it’s crazy. There’s a trained panther.)

Before any of that happens, though, I’d like to point out that Woozy is TOTALLY GOING TO CUT THAT GUY’S ARM OFF.

panel from Police Comics #13

writer/artist: Jack Cole


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