Happy birthday, Kyle Baker!


I hope everyone will join me in wishing artist and writer Kyle Baker a very happy birthday! Baker is one of the best comic creators out there,  and has worked for just about every major publisher while also putting out his own independent work. Whether you’ve read his work before or you’re coming at it fresh, there’s plenty to choose from: The Cowboy Wally Show, Why I Hate Saturn, the “Hawkman” series featured in Wednesday Comics, The Bakers, You Are Here, Nat Turner, Instant Piano, Special Forces, his recent work on The Fifth Beatle … and that’s just starting to put a dent in your Kyle Baker reading list. Only a few days ago Comic Book Resources even posted some of his X-Men gag comics that ran monthly in Marvel Age back in the mid-80s!

And, of course, Baker also wrote and drew the 20-issue run of Plastic Man, the last and one of the greatest times the character enjoyed a solo title. (The series, the best at recapturing some of the magic of Jack Cole’s original groundbreaking work, ended in 2006. It’s been a long eight years.) Along with Jack Cole (naturally), Baker’s take on the India rubber man was one of the main inspirations for this very site, and still is today. Seriously, give yourself a birthday gift in honor of Kyle Baker and pick up or re-read any one of his titles — you won’t be sorry.

One thought on “Happy birthday, Kyle Baker!

  1. My friends and I saw KB give a talk at the SDCC around 1999 or so. It was great, we still quote it to this day when talking about the comics biz.

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