It’s Ramona Fradon Day!

Guys, I can’t tell you how this made my day.


That’s right, me and Ramona Fradon — best buds. Well, on Facebook. And no, we’ve never actually communicated directly, but it’s still pretty exciting! Fradon, in addition to being the co-creator of both Metamorpho and Aqualad, also drew Plastic Man issues 11 through 20 (vol. 2) back in ’76 and ’77. Her work on that run helped Plas find his place in the Bronze Age and eased him back into his Eel O’Brian origin. It was also pretty silly, and a lot of fun.

More importantly, today is Ramona Fradon’s birthday! If you’ve got any of her work handy, I’d say today would be a good time to revisit the work of this illustrious artist. I mean, just look at it!


from Plastic Man #11
artist, Ramona Fradon
writer, Steve Skeates

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