Will this copy of Plastic Man #9 get another nibble on Ebay?



Somewhere in the frozen North, a wily Canadian was cleaning out his garage and saw a chance to turn garbage into cold, hard cash when he uncovered a beat-up copy of Plastic Man #9.

“Beat-up” might be generous. “Plague-ridden” is probably more accurate since this comic’s most defining characteristic is that it’s been gnawed on by rats. But if that’s not a deterrent to you hardcore collectors out there, this copy can still be had on Ebay for the next couple of weeks for the whopping price of $21.60 (rat not included). To be fair to the seller, he does make it very, very clear in his listing that the comic has been, and I quote, “chewed on by a rat.” And also, it’s “impossible to read.” In case you’re wondering, I’ve included a picture of what the cover is supposed to look like for comparison.

If anyone decides to buy this comic, for the love of God let me know.

h/t to Bleeding Cool

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