It’s Woozy Wednesday!


panel from Plastic Man #18 (Volume 2)

John Albano, writer; Ramona Fradon and Bob Smith, artists

Note: Thanks to my good pal Dan, I’ve finally gotten my hands on a complete run of Plastic Man from the mid-60s/late-70s. It’s an interesting series, not least of all because of the eight-year gap between issues #10 and #11 and the change from swingin’ superhero to a more classic kind of crime fighter (with humor left intact). And did I mention the first 10 issues actually starred Plastic Man, Jr.?

I’ll talk more about that in the future, but for now let me point out some things I noticed about Woozy in the second half of this run:

• he’s clever

• he’s always ready for a fight, and more than willing to mix it up with the bad guys (he even says, more than once, that fighting and taking a punch is what he’s best at)

• more than in any other series, he serves as an equal partner to Plas (and he’s not above dropping a gentle insult now and then)

• he wears a floppier hat that makes him look like the Hawaiian Punch guy

• he’s a lot of fun, and I wish more creators would write him like this

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