That chump Dibney



When you’re talking about a character with a little more than 72 years of history behind him, there’s bound to be some subtle continuity peppered here and there.

One of my favorite bits that crops up is Ralph “Elongated Man” Dibney’s near-pathological antipathy for Plastic Man. And is it because Plas is a formal criminal? Is it because of his superior stretching abilities? Or his effortless devil-may-care approach to crimefighting?

Nope. It’s because Ralph is so insecure about his own abilities and contributions to the JLA  (another nice bit of recurring characterization) that he can’t stand the comparison. Even better, I think the fact Plastic Man just doesn’t care really drives Ralph crazy.

Note: How great is Captain Marvel’s reaction in the background?! That’s some Herculean mugging going on back there.

page from Justice #8

story by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger (script); art by Doug Braithwaite and Alex Ross


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