Playing around with Plastic Man

I can’t believe I’m just finding out about this, but Plastic Man has his own video games!

Granted, neither “Danger in the Secret Passage” or “Plastic Attack” are going to knock Grand Theft Auto off the shelves, but the two games offered by DC Nation are fun, easy to pick up and challenging enough to keep you playing. And unlike GTA, they’re free! All they’ll cost you is your afternoon.

The premise for both games is simple; get from here to there. In “Danger in the Secret Passage” Plas has to shapeshift his way through a scrolling obstacle course, sliding under, squeezing through and springing (literally) over steel barriers and past … well, I don’t know, I haven’t gotten that far yet.


“Plastic Attack” is even simpler — roll a beachball-shaped Plastic Man along a girder without falling off. Sounds easy, right? This game is driving me out of my mind.


There are other games featuring Aquaman, Green Arrow and, of course, Batman (in fairness, the games are based on the Brave and the Bold cartoons). So get to it, Plasti-fans — Plastic Man needs your help getting off that girder! And not by making him fall through the gaps like someone I could mention but would rather not!

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