Plastic Man and the Blonde Phantom — the world’s first super-couple


File this one under “Things I Wish Were Real.”

Ross Pearsall over at the Super-Team Family blog does a great job of doing exactly what he promises — providing fantastic covers for “the greatest team-ups that never happened … but should have!” Recently, Plastic Man was added to the list, paired up with fellow Golden Age hero the Blonde Phantom. I always liked Kyle Baker’s addition of Morgan as a steady love interest in the Plastic Man mythos, and the idea of putting him together with another strong, equally heroic female character really works for me. (Even though it looks as if the bombshell crime-fighter might’ve inspired Plas’ return to his old Eel O’Brian ways. Uh-oh.)

It’s a fun and inspired image; the only problem is I want to read this story, now!

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