Le Gallerie Plastique: Steve Garcia and the Justice League of Bloggers!

When it comes to designing powerful iconography, it’s hard to beat a superhero.

Artist Steve Garcia figured this out and has created a striking series of “silhouette” portraits based on various pop culture characters — most notably, from the Marvel and DC universes. Especially the DCU.


Allies and rogues from the Superman and Batman families, the Green Lantern Corps, the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Teen Titans are represented, and almost every member of the JLA makes Garcia’s extensive roster. Most importantly (at least as far as we here at N.B.I headquarters are concerned), that even includes a certain you-know-who!


This is a great image of Plastic Man in action, and even in silhouette the character is instantly recognizable. I especially like the way Plas’ iconic red-and-black color scheme is used — one color shading subtly into the other, giving the whole thing added depth — and I love the inverted goggles that highlight a visual fingerprint for ol’ Eel O’Brian.

(You eagle-eyes out there might also notice something familiar in this image. Or you might be asking yourself, “Hey. What’s with the angel?” Many of Garcia’s images are based on existing comic book art, and the Plastic Man “angel” is taken from a panel drawn by Doug Mahnke for JLA #65; in that issue, Plas is begging Batman to scare his illegitimate son away from a budding life of crime.)

As I mentioned earlier, Garcia has done a whole series of silhouette portraits — there’s even one for that chump Dibney. There are so many, it’s taking a Justice League of Bloggers to cover it all! Be sure to visit these sites, get their takes on how their favorite characters have been depicted, and give ’em some love!

Firestorm Fan
• The Aquaman Shrine
• The Indigo Tribe
• Kord Industries
• My Greatest Adventure
• Comic Box Commentary
• Flowers & Fishnets
• The Riddle Factory
• Speed Force
• The New Wonder Woman (with more here!)
• Justice League Detroit
• The Idol-Head of Diabolu (a double-header!)
• The Power of the Atom (and here!)
• DC Bloodlines (and here, too!)
• Nurgh
• S.T.A.R. Labs Detroit
• Red Tornado’s Path
• The Blog from the Bog
• Dave’s Daredevil Podcast
• Splitting Atoms
• The Hammer Strikes
• Boosterrific

And of course, if you like what you see from Steve Garcia, be sure to visit the artist on deviantART, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter.

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