A question (and an answer)

Q: I’m sure you’ve talked about this before, practically every Plastic Man blog/fan has, (even I made a post giving my two cents about it), but I was just interested to know where you stand on the rumor that David Tennant might play Plas in the Justice League movie. I mean, personally I think he’d do him well, but I’m curious to see your take.

The Answer!

Y’know, I’d be perfectly fine with Tennant playing Plastic Man — I’m not sure why people would be so opposed to the idea. I think the only concern I’d have is whether or not he’d be able to pull off a believable American accent (has he ever done one before?).

But other than that, I think you’re exactly right; he’s got the look for sure, and he’s certainly got the acting ability (for both drama and sly humor). You’re right about Tennant’s facial expressions, too; a big, goofy smile is kinda essential to Plas, don’t you think?

My real worry about any depiction of Plastic Man is along the lines of what you mentioned in your own post. I’d hate for someone to do some over-the-top, whacked-out-Jim-Carrey version of Plas — that would be AWFUL. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but Plastic Man isn’t actually silly; he’s a wisecracker, but other than that he’s pretty straightforward. It’s everything around him that’s crazy.

Of course, I’m worried DC is going to go in the other direction and make him TOO serious. Or tortured. Or monstrous. Or whatever it is DC is trying to do nowadays. Still, Geoff Johns did a good job with Aquaman, so there’s hope. Maybe?

If not Tennant, is there someone else you think could fill the role? Who can do Plastic Man justice? I’ll have to put on my thinkin’ cap, but I’d love to hear what you and everyone else thinks.


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